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Philippine International English Institute (PIEI), the main academy of Bonifacio-ENL was established in 1996. It is one of the first Korean educational institutions to operate in the Philippines and the first to develop the English as a Native Language (ENL) Program (the way native English speakers learn English) and apply it to the learning of non-native speakers. Over the years, our academy has helped students mainly from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and China to achieve their dreams, outshine in society, and become competitive individuals through English.
As the program leads students to study English as their native language, students experience the same result as those students in the United States.
Our institution is known for the following:
• ENL Program
• Program that was developed not only to simply focus on how good a student is in English, but how well one could use the language as a tool to compete with others around the world
• Professional ENL Program Team works hand in hand with the teachers to track each students' progress
• Outstanding facility.


Learn English the native speaker way!

Unlock your child’s full potential by giving him the attention he deserves… We give students in depth teaching to develop their proficiency and to equip […]

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